HealthCare Career Training
for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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About Us

DHHTraining is a division of MedCerts, a Michigan-based Proprietary School that has been at the forefront of instructional design and delivery of online health care certification programs for several years. MedCerts is also at the forefront of career training for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population, developing cutting-edge, comprehensive, and self-paced training for DHH market.

Through a partnership with DEBS (Deaf Employment Business Solutions) we have adapted the most successful MedCerts certification program to be accessible for individuals within the DHH community. The DHHT/MedCerts program provides consistent and standard information through the use of one recorded ASL interpreter and ADA compliant subtitles which run concurrently with the each video in real-time. Additionally, all training is completely self-paced which allows the student to review video material as often as needed for clarification. If questions remain, the student has on-demand access to subject matter experts through live chat and email.

Our mission at DHHTraining is to provide the best training solution for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations through the delivery of ASL interpreted career training programs that will lead students to nationally recognized certification, and ultimately: Job Opportunities.

DHHTraining's career training programs are specifically developed for those administrative healthcare careers which are interesting, relevant, in-demand, and where job tasks for the positions are completed by over 90% electronic correspondence, requiring little direct communication with the public.

Training can be completed in as little as three months, and upon completion of the DHHTraining program, the student will be prepared for a National Certification Exam sponsored by the National Healthcareer Association. Over 90% of our students pass their certification exams, 20% higher than those students without the DHHTraining experience.

Our goal at DHHTraining is for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to succeed by providing them with the most comprehensive, interactive, accessible, and supported Health Care Administration programs available today for the DHH community.