HealthCare Career Training
for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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Introducing the FIRST Online Career Training Program made Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community!!

Program Overview

Program Duration: 3 Months

The medical billing specialist program will provide you with the knowledge needed to pursue a career as a medical billing specialist and will allow you to sit for the national exam to become a certified billing coding specialist (CBCS).

The medical billing specialist curriculum is a 192 hour program which combines video lecture with ASL interpreter and closed caption, workbook exercises, review, and independent study with continual on-demand help from live subject matter experts.

Certified instructors deliver comprehensive video based curriculum where you will learn:

  • HI-1014 Human Anatomy, Physiology & Medical Terminology: Course Outline (.doc)

    Gain an understanding of the structure and function of the human body and the language of medical terminology with specific instruction on topics including:

    • Basic Physiology
    • Basic Anatomy
    • Medical Word Parts
    • Advanced Healthy Body Terms
    • Medical Terminology
  • HI-1015 Insurance and Billing, and Coding Essentials: Course Outline (.doc)

    Gain an understanding of a practical approach in comprehension of basic medical insurance, claims, coding and billing procedures with specific instruction on topics including:

    • Source Documents for Bookkeeping and Claim Preparation
    • 1500 Claim Form
    • Claim Denials, Rebilling, and Reimbursements
    • Insurance Overview and Guidelines
    • Explanation of Benefits

This comprehensive 3-Month online video instruction program provides you with flexible, self-paced learning options and guided support. The full program cost is $2000 (Funding Options Available) and includes:

  • Online Access to Video Instruction w/ ASL Interpreter and Closed Caption in English
  • Textbooks
  • Student Guides
  • Skill-Building Quizzes, Tests, and Practice Exams
  • Support from through on demand online chat/email
  • Complete "Getting Started Guide"
  • Certification Exam Fee
  • On-line Mentor Support through Email and Live Chat

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